Care Plan Builder

Takes data already stored in your EHR system and blends it with additional data to automatically build a Medicare-compliant Care Plan for your patients.

Time Tracker

Extends your EHR system to automatically capture all clinical staff time spent performing non-face-to-face care activities billable under CPT code 99490.

Reporting Tool

Graphical reporting tool that identifies opportunities to improve care and maximize revenue by highlighting un-enrolled and underserved CCM patients.

24/7 Medical Portal

Care team access to electronic care plans is available 24/7 via a secure medical portal to address the urgent chronic care needs of your patients.

Patient Enrollment

Automatically determines which of your patients are potential candidates for CCM services and guides you through the enrollment process.

EHR Single Sign-on

Works inside your EHR so there is no separate system to learn and no additional passwords to remember; just login to your EHR and follow your regular workflow.

For over 20 years, Dulcian Inc. has specialized in custom software development. Our healthcare division, Dulcian Health, is focused on developing software that adds functionality to EHR systems.

Our mission is to have a profound impact on patients’ health and their physicians’ ability to provide quality care.

Dulcian Health

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  • Dr. Paul Dorsey

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mike Rubin

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Hassan Muhammad

    Director of Technology

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